Diy Glitter Vases

Who doesn’t love a little glitter? I thought it had great colors for December, and what better what to start off my first DIY post than with this simple craft?

I got this idea from Pinterest, but it was originally from (Click to check it out!)

You can use glitter vases for a lot of things, the most common being vases to hold flowers in, like the one below:

DIY-Glitter-Vases flowers


To make these beautiful yet simple vases, you will need:


Mod Podge

Vases (However many you want to make)

Masking Tape

A Brush




To start, firmly place the masking tape where you want the glitter to end. You can also be real creative and tape some patterns!



Using a brush full of Mod Podge, cover the parts you want to be glittery with the glue. Be generous with the amounts you give. Tip: When putting the Mod Podge near the tape, brush down into the glue area and not up into the tape because you’re trying to keep the glue form going under the tape!

Being neat, (use a piece of paper underneath to catch excess glitter!) cover the glue area with glitter, apply generously.



When dry (you’ll know when because it dries clear), mix a small amount of water with Mod Podge to create a thin glue. Apply this over the glitter (again, don’t worry because it dries clear!)

Remove the tape after the second layer has been applied, but before the glue dries. The second layer will keep glitter from falling!

Enjoy! Here are some more examples if you’re creatively lost! (It doesn’t have to be JUST vases!!)

All credit is tagged (just click on the photos)







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