Hi there!

My name is Maya and I’m currently a freshman in High School!

Food is one of my many passions, others include music, art and so much more! I’ve always wanted to start some kind of food blog, whether is was a tumblr or a website, so I decided to make a wordpress!

I also LOVE diys! (do it yourself’s!) I find them so creative and you can often find me scrolling through posts upon posts of endless room decor diys, I think they are so fun.

So, I decided why not combine the two? There’s an awesome username available, (it’s foodtodiyfor, like food to die for…get it?) so why not take a chance?

My favorite holidays include any that are on or passed October 31st till January 1st. Fall is one of my favorite things in the world, I look forward to it in spring, summer and winter. There is never a bigger smile on my face than when Starbucks releases their special red cups for the year! You will also probably see many posts around that time, there is just so much to cook and so much to decorate!

Since I’m probably boring you with details on my silly little life, I think I’ll end here. Although I wonder why you would, thank you for reading this and for coming on to my wordpress, it truly does mean a lot.




This blog was started on November 18th 2014,


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